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About KGI Finder

KGI Finder Logo  A Few Things About KGI Finder.


How did you get started?

KGI Finder was started due to the commercial need to source vehicles for clients in the region of the Caribbean and South America. It was very difficult to find what was available in individual locations and was extremely time-consuming to locate specific makes and models of vehicles in different areas without visiting individual websites and numerous phone calls to find their latest stock. KGI Ltd developed a website that will allow private and commercial members the ability to buy and sell vehicles locally and internationally.

Where did you get the idea for this business?

The owners of wants to give the power  to all its members by giving them the ability to securely source, communicate and ultimately complete transactions in markets where it was not possible before.

What’s the story behind your service?

At we want to be able to provide a service like none other in the region. With our easy to use website, our buying and selling members will have that ability to advertise their vehicles on a wider scale. We want to give the public the ability to source vehicles in their region, this opens up the buyer’s choice of what and where they spend their hard earned money. wants to open up the web to allow customers to do something as simple as locating a specific make and model of a vehicle whether it local or in a neighbouring country/island to purchase.

What’s your background?

The creators of collectively have experience in the motor and website design industry in Europe and the UK specializing in sourcing, leasing and sales and web development. Combining all the experiences of the company owners it made for passionate and enthusiastic approach to kgifinder.covery easy and enjoyable.

What’s your vision for your small business?

The positivity of the feedback from our customers has made it that will be moving into more industries providing the same amount of care and attention in the development and continued services of

What motivates you?

We at KGI Ltd want to create the avenue to encourage entrepreneurial prowess and the encouragement of small businesses ability to service a wide customer range. A major goal for is to encourage trade with-in the region.

We work very hard on social media to aid us to get your vehicles exposure.

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