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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have an obligation to purchase a car if I contact the seller?

Absolutely Not! Contact between the potential buyers and sellers is a simply, quick and fairly anonymous way to talk to the seller. Feel free to ask questions. It creates no obligation of any kind.

How do I change my password?

When you register on the site, you get emailed a personal password. To change this, visit the your settings section of the site within ‘My Garage’. Alternatively, when you log in, you can then change your password within this section. Your password will automatically be updated.

How do I log in?

There are numerous areas to log in on the site. You can log in from the sign in tab at the top of the homepage or by using the log in area on the My Garage tab. You can also log in from sign up and submit button located under the search form on the homepage.

How do I pay for vehicle listings?

Payment for vehicle listings can be paid using any major credit/debit card through the safe and secure PayPal system.


How Do I Place An Advert?

This is a very simply task to do first

  • Click the submit my vehicle button
  • Follow instructions on entering your vehicle information (the more information entered the better it is for the buyer)
  • Make sure you add as much good quality pictures as allowed
  • When you enter your location press the enter button on key pad and you location will be automatically be added
  • Click proceed to check out if you are satisfied with the information you have added
  • Choose your preferred pricing plan
  • Proceed with payment

After the process has taken place an email will be sent to you informing you that your advert is being processed and when you advert is published on an email will be sent to inform you of this.


How do I register on the site?

Registering with KGI Finder is quick and simple. Click on the register now button on the homepage and follow the instructions. Once registered, an email confirmation will be sent to you with details of your password. You can then Login.

How do I search for Vehicles on

It all starts with our vehicle search form on the homepage. On this form you choose the type of vehicle, Location, new or used, make and model and Price Range. On the results page that is displayed after the initial search you get an option of an expandable search form which allows you to be as narrow or broad in your search as you want.

To help to make your searches easier, when you sign up to for free, you can save your search criteria and any vehicles you like while you search. Easily access your saved cars by scrolling over my garage and clicking on Dashboard.

How many images per listing can you post?

Each listing can have 6 images.

How often are listings updated?

We update our inventory daily, so you’ll see any changes quickly, such as a new price or more photos. We also encourage sellers to keep their listings updated by requiring them to renew their ads on a monthly basis. However, we can’t guarantee that all vehicles posted on the site are still available for sale.

I can not see my listing picture in the search results?

If this occurs we suggest you can your featured image, however if that continues to happen please contact us on and we will rectify the problem from our end.

I’ve forgotten my password?

Forgetting your password is a common problem especially if you have not personalised your assigned password.

All you need to do is click on the forgot password button and follow the instructions and an email will be sent to you with a password recovery link.

This is a very simple and quick process.

Is paypal the only way to pay?

In the interest of safe and secure customer payments, paypal is the only way to pay for kgifinder services. We are working on creating addition avenues of payments.

Keeping our customers details secure is a top priority for

Is there an easy way to find listings I like again?

Whether you’re browsing the search results page, comparing cars or reviewing car details, click “Add to Favourites” to easily access the listing later. You’ll save it to your personal space in My Garage in your Dashboard. We just ask for your email address and a password to sign up. Membership is free!

What currency are displayed on the website?

The prices on are in US Dollar. However a currency converter is located on the search results and listings page.

What does it mean when a listing displays “Recently Added”?

When you see a “Recently Added” indicator you’ll know the car has just posted to our site within the last seven days. You’re looking at a new listing!

What if I haven’t heard back from the seller?

We bring buyers and sellers together, but we can’t guarantee either party’s response. We suggest following up an unanswered email with a phone call if a phone number is available.

Whats the difference between a regular and featured listing?

The difference between regular  and featured listings are

  •  Featured listing get more exposure around the website to allow that listing to be viewed more.
  • Featured Listings are shared through our social media accounts for even more exposure
  • Featured Listing are also placed at the top of search lists

All of this increases the chance of securing a buyer/s

Where can I use KGI Finder?

KGI Finder can be used in the Caribbean, Central & South America, Spain, Portugal, Egypt,  South Africa, Ghana, (UK, US  & Japanese Exporters) Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates.

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